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575904_204450113014933_1756190478_nAll of our lives unravel at a pace that seems so slow in the moment we’re living in. Nevertheless, at one time or another you sit down in silence, close your eyes and realize that life moves by quite swiftly. Our years interlock and move past us in a way similar to that of an hourglass each day is like a small sand granule moving through a tube. Upon doing this you catch a glimpse in your mind of you as a child just starting your educational journey. You’re going shopping holding your mother’s hand excitedly buying your matching backpack and lunch box for your first day of school. You think back to when you were a five- year- old little girl, you’re sitting on the couch with your father and your feet can’t even touch the floor. You aren’t watching Nickelodeon you are watching the news.  Your mind shifts. You are brought back to the setting of your Kindergarten classroom. The teacher asks: “What do you guys wanna be when you grow up?” Answers from my classmates ranged from: “A firefighter,” “A princess,” or “A movie star” and then there was my answer “I want to be Katie Couric.” I am now a senior in college and that aspiration of mine never once changed. I want to be a journalist.


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