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The Danger of Wiki Leaks

The fact that the master controller of wiki leaks, decided to hack into government-owned private files became a danger for several top-secret U.S. government files were exposed and their contents were posted on Wiki Leaks. The fact that Wiki Leaks is still open to all internet users destroys our nation’s safety, for this information could potentially cause fatal disagreements. Questions to be considered are: Should the government be able to keep secrets from their nation? What would happen if there were no government or military secretes?Is the information put on wiki leaks even true? What if the information, or even parts of the content, is not true? While several of the leaks do support an anti-war plan, they also provide reasoning to  continue the war against the Taliban. Also, many of the posted  reports that come in often seem incomplete. This is risky. If people read these leaks and take everything seriously, if something happens to not be true, people will tend to believe that the daily record being kept by the government may necessarily not be the truth. Then individuals may view the government as being unjust. If the material being posted is not completely reliable I don’t think it should be disclosed to the public.


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