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Orphaned Otter makes it to N.Y. -Reversed Engineer Audio Analysis-

Photo By: Wildlife Conservation Society

After listening to the 1010 WINS story covering the rescue of an orphaned sea otter on October 29, I was instantly impressed with the way in which the news story was pieced together. The interviewee John Dohlin, Director of the WCS New York Aquarium spoke clear and concisely. For people like myself listening from home we were able to retain the imagery of the work that went into saving the scarred three-week-old otter.

I truly appreciate the way in which the story flowed. The story began by expressing the otter’s rough experience during a storm in Homer, Alaska which in the end separated him from his mother leaving him lonely, and and frightened. The frail otter was in danger and needed a miracle recovery.

The narrator of the story Dohlin highlighted Nicole Pisciotta the aquarium worked who helped the otter gain its strength leaving him overtime, strong enough to embark on his next journey to Brooklyn, New York’s Aquarium which became his new home. The otter was later named Tazo. The story concluded with his current age of five months. The story ended on a positive note stating how excited workers are to bring this new addition into the public and give him the attention he deserves.

As an animal lover myself. I was instantly attracted to the stories titled, and through listening to the interview I learned facts about otters that I had never knew. This story is filled with knowledgeable facts, and succinct radio reporting. I highly reccomend it to everyone to listen to.

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