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Has Facebook Transformed Into a Professional Tool?

As Facebook continues to gain its popularity, many people believe someday nearly everyone in this world will be taken under Facebook’s powerful wing. Facebook has continued to grow as the most popular social media tool, in fact I’m sure several people can concur that upon discovering Facebook they turned around and divorced their MySpace accounts. If one were to take a random poll as to why individual’s feel Facebook is so essential as I did they would probably receive some of the following responses: To keep up to date with day to day gossip, to reconnect with friends they haven’t seen in quite some time, continue their game addictions, or even elevate their overall popularity factor. When you ask a variety of people if they feel Facebook is used as a professional tool in society answers vary.

Kaitlyn Victoria Jorgensen, a former FJC Security intern worked with the business to maintain the security of Facebook, Twitter and WordPress pages, and was responsible for increasing brand awareness among the online community, and helped to evaluate, plan, organize, and and manage all social media channels during the duration working for the company. “Through my experiences working as a professional, I realized that Facebook is already being used for Professional purposes,” said Jorgensen. “This can easily been seen by looking at the amount of businesses, news stations, and politicians who have created Facebook pages simply to promote themselves, their products and more. It’s fascinating.”

John Kramer a junior at Nassau Community College agrees with Jorgensen’s claim. He believes Facebook is already being used for professional purposes, and feels that more companies have been creating Facebook profiles to advertise their companies. He also feels that Facebook automatically places companies in view of their demographic audience. “Landscaping companies show their design work to reach a wider consumer base. Restaurants use Facebook to show menus, and locations,” said Kramer. “Facebook also provides advertising in the way that offers customers coupons from specific companies, and invitations to special events.”

Endicott College sophomore, Lauren Greene had to use social mediums like Facebook and twitter for her winter internship last year. She mentioned that she didn’t really realize the great impact Facebook had on businesses previous to her internship. “I know people that are hired purely to control social networking for a company or agency,” said Greene. “I think that this trend is only going to continue to spiral into something larger and more businesses will start to develop their own Facebook pages just for company usage. This may turn into a popular trend.”

Springfield High School junior Julie Hannan disagreed entirely from all of the college students that were interviewed. She believes that Facebook is merely an outlet for students to release their personal issues to the world. “I don’t think Facebook will ever be used for professional purposes because middle school students and high school students use it way too much to post crazy amounts of drama,” said Hannan. “I have had a Facebook since I was in 7th grade and have used the site to play games and talk with friends. Facebook really became a replacement for msn messenger. I truly think using Facebook for professional matters would take the fun out of having an account.”


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