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WRHU Radio Hoftsra University Celebrates Second Annual Hall of Fame

Hofstra Radio Hall of Fame InducteesThe second annual WRHU Radio Hofstra University Hall of Fame was on September 25, five members were honorably inducted. This year’s Hall of Fame inductees include Tom Curley, Howard Liberman, George Musgrave, Bob Ring and Sue Zizza.

Marc Wiener, President of the Hofstra Radio Alumni Association welcomed the crowd by talking about how proud he was of the station’s evolution through the years. “WRHU is one of the few completely student run radio stations, it is a great resource for Hofstra,” said Weiner. “I would like to thank Hofstra for letting the station flourish for all these years. It is some place.” Master of Ceremonies, Lee Harris of 1010 WINS continued to guide the ceremony with comedy while sharing his past experiences working as a WRHU staff member and praised the inductees for their varied accomplishments.

Currently, WRHU has a staff size of 184 active participants. There were 125 interviews conducted to narrow this semester’s training class to 47 people. However, the desire to become a part of the station was shown through the 327 applications received this fall. WRHU general manager Bruce Avery helped enlighten others by informing them that radio is far from diminishing. The industry and the interest in radio continue to grow. “I had a goal ever since I came here to reunite the past with the present and the future,” said Avery. “At a time where they say radio is dying, radio is evolving, it’s thriving and it’s passionate.”

Inductee Howard Liberman began his career at WVHC in the 70’s and since then his career has flourished. Working at the radio station allowed him to become a news director of Pittsburgh’s KDKA, America’s first radio station, and become an editor, reporter and anchor for 1010 WINS. These are just a few of his positions. Liberman originally came to Hofstra as Chemistry major in hopes of becoming a doctor. “In a matter of a couple weeks things changed for me. I discovered I wasn’t really good at Chemistry and I found WVHC,” said Liberman. “I did the weather for the station and made everyone roll on the floor laughing. They asked me Howard ‘what the hell is scaattad fahhg?’ This was when I realized I had a thick Boston accent.” Liberman currently works for the FOX Business Channel.

Inductee George Musgrave had a similar story to share with the audience. Originally coming to Hofstra as a math major, he soon realized that the radio station was contagious and changed his major. Musgrave discovered WVHC in 1973 during his freshman orientation and spent his entire four years building a career as a staff engineer. Musgrave gained experience working with top station WABC radio and eventually moved to the ABC Television Network. “There were two problems to continuing as a math major upon arriving at Hofstra, first off calculus was a brick wall and secondly, I found the radio station,” said Musgrave. “With late nights are early mornings I was just having the time of my life. The radio station gave me a career I never could have imagined having.” Musgrave currently works as a technical director for several shows including 20/20, Prime Time Live, Nightline, and World News.

Newly hired Dean of Communications, Evan Cornog attended the event and acknowledged how he views WRHU as a successful station. “After being a part of the school for a little over 2 months I have heard people say ‘you know WRHU is really a cult’. I’ve noticed it’s the power of the human voice that brings people to the station,” said Cornog. “WRHU staff does a great job working together passionately through difficult times to produce something that’s as good as you can make it.”

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