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Comparing Media: New York Times Print Article vs. Fox News Broadcast Package

Every person has their own preference of how they wish to have daily news delivered to them. Some people are traditional and continue their routine of reading the news paper; others prefer to tune in to their favorite broadcast news station or read blogs and online articles. However, no matter what one’s news gathering preference is, receiving information from two different media sources can be helpful. For example, by reading an online news article and watching a Fox News broadcast I was able to read about and gain two different perspectives of the way in which Americans were coping with reliving a national catastrophe, on the ninth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

After reading Barnard and Fernandez’s New York Times Article “On Sept. 11 Anniversary, Rifts Amid Mourning” and watching Fox News’ “Rise to Freedom” broadcast I was able to compare the news stories and determine what elements fixed my curiosity as a reader and as a viewer. Both news sources implemented news values such as audience impact, interest, and conflict. Nevertheless, the fact that September 11th is a nationally impacting historical matter for our country it didn’t take much effort to trigger viewers’ attention to the subject. However, if the subject had been about Politics for example, the newspaper would have to work harder to grasp readers’ attention than a broadcast news package would.

Broadcast news packages are often shorter and more concise to the point due to time constraints. Broadcast news packages also use more images in their stories through video which helps to keep their audience entertained and focused. News paper articles are typically longer in length and can normally take longer to read over in order to grasp the full meaning of a subject. Although being highly informative is a good thing, often times if a photo attached to an article doesn’t grasp an individual’s attention, the chance of them reading the full article is very unlikely.

Personally through watching Fox News’ “Rise to Freedom” and reading Barnard and Fernandez’s New York Times Article “On Sept. 11 Anniversary, Rifts Amid Mourning” I felt both sources of news provided me with a stronger meaning of how American’s are still coping with the tragedy of 9-11 nine years later. Both sources addressed the controversial debate over the possibility of building a mosque near ground zero which has been developing conflicting views for many Americans who continue to grieve the loss of their loved ones. Both sources spiked interest and became impacting to readers and viewers. All Americans long to continue hearing stories from others and learning about what is being done to recover from the 9-11 catastrophe.

If I were to choose which form of media I prefer to get my news from I would choose broadcast news. I found Fox News’ “Rise to Freedom” to be highly impacting. I was able to see and hear interviews from victims and feel an emotional attachment to their stories. I also enjoyed watching the construction of the 9/11 memorial that is currently being built. From the beginning to the end of the broadcast package I couldn’t stop watching. I was nearly brought into tears watching how other people have come together to build a beautiful memorial to honor the victims of 9-11 and their families. As a nation we have told the rest of the world that we will be strong, rebuild, and never forget.


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